Ask the Coach Show #21 – Training with a Robot

9 years ago

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Discussion - 0:43

Zhang Jike's Prizemoney

Question 1 - 1:36

What exercises should I do so that my legs move effectively while playing? Anushka Chavan

Question 2 - 3:52

How should i play forehand loop from off the table should I stand lower or when contact give the ball more lift. Overall how should i play attacking forehand and backhand shots from off the table? Nick Persad

Question 3 - 6:24

I had two tables in my garage, one for my son and I to play and the other table had a robot for when one of us was not around. What are your ideas about using a robot as a training device and what do you see as its greatest good? Larry Winn

Question 4 - 9:36

Being a beginner I bought a new tt racket. When I play with my racket, the tt ball slows down and it seems like the ball sticks a bit on the tt racket. What could be wrong? Amit Shah

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 11:50

What are your top 3 Table Tennis moments of all time?

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