Ask the Coach Show #20 – Ma Lin’s Twiddling

9 years ago

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Question 1 - 0:49

I've got a problem, I don't twist properly and the speed of my topspin drives are slow. I got the start and end positions right but i don’t twist much with the hip and the only thing that twists from me is my shoulder. How can i fix it? AmekunRaiane

Photo Bombing by Jeff's Mum - 2:30

Question 2 - 2:40

Hi, I was wondering whether, in doubles, you and your partner are able to switch bats between points. I know that you can’t get a new bat, but i couldn't find an answer to this anywhere. Thanks. Bob James

Question 3 - 4:15

What should be the minimum height for the toss? And what if the server fails to achieve that minimum height? Can he be penalised in form of a point or is there something like a warning? Rutvik

Question 4 - 6:19

Recently I noticed that Ma Lin twiddled his bat right before he serves. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to twiddle. Yu

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 8:14

What lesson would you like us to film next?

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