Ask The Coach Show #2 – How To Play Deceptive Shots

8 years ago

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Question 1

How do you play deceptive shots? Do you have any tricks?

Question 2

I've asked and also found a lot of information about getting a lot of spin on my serve but my serve only has a little spin on it. I’ve also tried to brush the ball finely and fast an d also the contact point is on the end of the bat. Frendy

Question 3

What are the best but well priced table tennis tables to get? Adam

Question 4

I have played Table tennis for about 4 years and 6 months ago my coach said that i should try short pimples on my backhand, i have become a much better player thanks to it but for some rea son i cant block with it very good when doing drills. Fredrik

Question 5

Hi, I want to know that how can I play like Timo Boll. I consider him as the greatest table tennis player. Can you make a video on this topic. And I also want to know how to play with both hands like Timo Boll.