Ask the Coach Show #18 – Advantages of Orthodox Strokes

9 years ago

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Question 1 - 0:45

When I play outside of mainstream table tennis instead of using topspins and counterhits, I seem to play better. When I lob and play strange shots in the game I seem to get better results. So what benefits do playing normal, mainstream shots have? Oliver

Question 2 - 3:29

In tennis you hear grunting all the time but I never hear it in table tennis, when playing my offensive forehands I feel the need to make a quiet grunt. Is this allowed in table tennis or would it count as distracting? Luke Styles

Question 3 - 5:36

If our bat touches the table while playing is it a foul? Varun Chaturvedi

Question 4 - 6:35

Hi Alois, Some days all my topspins work. Others they dont work at all. is this normal? Matias Chambers

Question 5 - 7:53

Dear PingSkills, While playing the ball hits my finger hits the rubber and goes to the next court. Is it an foul or is it correct? Bryan George

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 9:20

Has the new plastic ball changed the game of table tennis?