Ask The Coach Show #154 - Attacking Low Balls

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 2:14

What is the best part of the site?

#PQOTD - 3:56

What is the most important part of your game? Technique, Tactics, Fitness and Mental?

Throwback Thursday - 6:11

Pendulum Serve Index Finger position

I'm Improving - 8:44

Brock: Hey Pingskills I have improve my blocks a lot now :) Sometimes I surprise my opponents when they topspins the ball and I do a long ball on the other side of the table, I'm getting better :)

Attacking Low Ball - 9:25

RB: How can i attack a low long ball? (in Fh or BH). If I block or push my opponent can easily attack. May I use to flick in long ball? How can I do? Attack or continue block? Usually if I want to do a topspin because the ball is low my ball hit net.

Topspin Vertical or Horizontal - 12:07

Dakota: With a push that would bounce off the end of the table, if being in position isn't an issue, what is the difference in brushing and arm speed if attempting to topspin the ball while it is still over the table compared to off the end?

Receiving Position - 14:46

Nico: how can we choose our receiving positions: left corner, center of the table, close to the table or not?

Rotation for Forehand - 16:33

Omkar: I am not able to play Forehand strokes properly. My stance first was to squat a little towards my right hand side and playing defensive. I now stand parallel to table but still find it very awkward to play forehand shots. Please help.

Receiving Options of a Short Serve - 18:05

Brock: If someone serve short and low, do you prefer a push or a flick to return?

Counterhit Record or Normal Training - 19:12

Brock: Hey! Recently me and a buddy of mine have been trying to set a record for most counterhits :D. Do you think we should try and increase the counterhits we can execute in 1 rally or should I return to my regular training schedule like multiball etc. ?

Is it a Great Shot? - 23:51

Brock: I have a great question: You says that the start and finish are important but isn't it good if you do a great forehand topspin without the start and finish position?

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