Ask The Coach Show #145 - Improving Footwork

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 2:29

What is your favourite Country in the World to visit?

#PQOTD - 3:52

What is the best type of Plastic ball you have used?

Japan Open Pick the Winners Competition - 4:26

In today's show we announce the 2 winners of the Quarterly Premium Membership.

Improving Footwork - 6:55

Noel: Hello Coaches, that was a great event the Japan Open. Xu Xin was fantastic! My question today is I want to improve my footwork in table tennis, what kind of exercises can I do?

Calming Down - 8:03

William: I've seen many videos on this topic, but when I try the tactics in them, I just can't calm down. I don't know why I get anxious or flustered. Tell me what the general root cause is. Also, if possible, give some tips on how to not get angry.

Ma Lin’s Service Disguise - 11:04

Kevin: When I watch Ma Lin serve, I find it not only impressive on how much speed and spin is on the serve but also how well he disguises it. Not even the best can return it effectively. Can you recommend some effective tactics on legally hiding the serve?

Ma Long’s Rating - 13:04

Andrew: Do you know how to convert international players to a US ranking? I am just curious, the top players in the US are about 2700 or so.

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