Ask The Coach Show #140 - Half Short Ball

9 years ago

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Throwback Thursday - 1:31

Carter v Kek Match Commentary Video

Last #PQOTD - 3:26

Do you know the rules for Wheelchair Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 8:08

Can anyone say Nuytinck?

Where to Hit the Ball on the Rubber - 9:27

Dieudonné: Hi, Jeff and Alois! Do you think I should try to learn to brush the ball with a particular spot of my rubber for a correct technique and maximum spin, or is any part of the rubber fine?

Tacky Rubbers - 11:12

Dieudonné: Hi again. If time allows for another question: I was told with a tacky sheet I don't have to loop a backspin with that much open an angle of the bat - can you confirm that is the correct technique, Coach?

Waldner as my Private Coach - 12:45

Brock: If I want Jan Ove Waldner as my private coach, how can I ask him and message him? Do you think he would accept it? It would be an honor to be trained by the Legendary Waldner :)

Half Short Balls - 14:29

Johan: We can distinguish half long shots which only bounce once but dip down very soon after passing the end line. What can we call balls that bounce twice but the second bounce is very close to the end line? At the moment, I call them half short.

Where to Hit the Ball in it's Flight Path - 15:56

Thomas: Should certain balls after specific strokes (like topspin, backspin, push etc.) after the bounce ALWAYS be hit when they are rising, at their highest point or falling? Or are there always different possibilities for returning each of these?

Playing Against Penholders with Excellent Backhands - 19:04

Romeo: Can you give me some advice on how to play against penholders who have an excellent backhand?

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Carter vs Kek Match Commentary

Backhand Topspin Against Backspin - demonstrating where to hit the ball at 3:56

Contact Point for Maximum Backspin