Ask The Coach Show #139 - Importance of the Short Push

8 years ago

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Drill of the Week - 1:25

Short Pushing anywhere.

Last #PQOTD - 4:04

What was the standout performance at the World Tour Australian Open?

#PQOTD - 6:16

Do you know the rules for Wheelchair Table Tennis?

Jung Youngsik - 7:33

Noel: Hello Coaches: How can I play like Youngsik Jung? He was attacking almost every serve. Second ball attack!! Wow.

Returning Fast Deep Serves - 10:30

Dieudonné: I enjoy your podcasts. It would be nice if you could add a header and/or a Google calendar to your website where you indicate what days/times it is on hangout. Question: what advice would you give on returning fast deep serves (especially to the backhand)?

More Risk - 12:14

Dieudonné : Hello again, Jeff and Alois. I feel like I push too much in my game. Do you recommend taking more risk by looping in order to develop a more aggressive game?

Judging the Serve in Flight - 13:51

Ilia: What would you do on service recieve if after watching the contact with racket you think that it is one kind of spin, while trajectory of the ball suggests that is different spin, what would you trust more?

High Backspin Balls - 15:46

Nick: I have an opponent who often sends me high backspin balls. If I try to push, it goes off the table. If I try to smash, it goes into the net. I can't do a loop to reverse the spin, I am not good enough to do that. It is really frustrating!

Cancelling Spin - 18:55

Dieudonné : Not sure if you'll have time for another question. How much do you think a good loop can cancel of the previous spin? Like, if you're not sure about the nature of spin in a serve, is looping it a good option?

Cheap Equipment - 20:43

Frendy: My coach always won the 1st rank at tournament till National 4 years ago. But what makes me surprise is he use the cheapest rubber than the other players. He always tell me that it's all about technique. What do you think about it?

Sweat into the Blade - 22:05

Jeff: I just got a new blade, and have a rubber on one side, while the other side doesn't have the rubber on. I played for 2 hours and I realise that the sweat from my fingers on the back of the blade would be getting into the wood of the blade. Is it OK?

Adapting Start Position - 23:34

Matthias: I noticed that I have difficulties to adapt my starting position, especially with my FH. I tend to hold my bat too low if the ball bounces a little higher which results in ball going long or at least not very fast. I try to watch the ball closely

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