Ask The Coach Show #136 - Which Serve Should I Learn?

9 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:30

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#PQOTD - 4:04

Is Japan the next big thing in Table Tennis?

Throwback Thursday - 4:44

Backhand Sidespin Flick

Shoulder Rotation - 6:33

Il: Il: I watched your videо as younger in You Tube and I liked your versatile topspin techniques. Is there any rotation with the shoulder ( its axis) before and into the contact of the ball?

Entering Multiple Events at a Tournament - 8:12

Abhinav: I had a question that if we are going to play a tournament and there are two categories (under 17 and under 19) can we play in both the events?

What Serve Should I Learn? - 11:49

Firas: What would be a good serve for me if I have been constantly playing ping pong for around 8 months, and participate in middle school amateur tournaments? Please make simple, and spiny, because I can't do those pendulum things, they are too difficult.

Ask the Coach Video Responses - 15:19

Michael: Is there a list of all the Ask the Coach video responses that I can browse?

Switch to Short Pimples - 17:51

Lukas: I need to change my rubber in a couple of weeks, maybe even a month, and I can't decide if I should get short pimple rubber.Should I try short pimples, and just switch back to inverted if I don't like it? Or should I keep playing with inverted?

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Backhand Sidespin Flick

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