Ask The Coach Show #135 - Is Psychology the Difference?

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:45

Are the World Tour events a good showcase for Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 2:45

Who is going to win this year's Australian Open Men’s and Women’s singles? Comment on our Facebook page and pick both winners and the points margin in the finals to win a Quarterly Premium membership to PingSkills.

Drill of the Week - 5:44

Middle Muddle

Plastic and Poly Balls - 8:28

Ilia: Is it a good idea to do regular practice and play matches with plastic balls, and do multiball and practice with robots with celluloid ones?

More Poly Balls - 10:06

Noel: Hello Jeff & Alois, so it seems everytime I go to a club, the players would like to play with the poly ball. They're like, Hey try this new ball, I see your using a celluloid ball....Is this something that I might have to buy? A pack or 2 of poly balls?

Is Psychology the Difference? - 10:52

Dakota: I would be led to think that it isn't physical attributes that allow someone to rise above the average club player, but instead go in the psychological direction. What psychological attributes do you think allowed you to rise above other players?

Beating Attackers with a Light Blade - 14:09

Dieudonné: Do you think it's possible for someone playing with a light blade in an all-around style to be very good and beat the power of attackers?

Reverse Pendulum Serve - 15:32

Nischay: My reverse pendulum stays within my court, it does not move on to the next court, it has its 1st bounce and turns back towards me.

Corners or Extremes - 17:02

Kaustubh: Hi, in your opinion, are strokes to corners more effective or those to extremes?

4 Year Old PingSkiller - 19:51

Ji-Soo: Time presses on inexorably and my son is almost 4 years old. My intention had always been to start training him from that age but the question now is how to get started. How do you start a 4 year old who is not really into following directions?

Brock's Rapid Fire Questions - 23:52

What was your favorite subject in school?

Why did you choose the name PingSkills?

I heard rumours that Waldner maybe will retire next year, is it true?

Is Ma Long the best player of all times?

How can I block a long and fast topspin sidespin into the middle?

Age Barrier - 25:59

Dieudonné: What do you think is the age when one starts to decline in performance at table tennis? 

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