Ask The Coach Show #134 - Should I Change My Racket?

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:33

Who has the better backhand? Ma Long or Wang Hao?

#PQOTD - 3:34

Are the World Tour events a good showcase for Table Tennis?

Technique Tuesday - 4:11

Basic Stance - it's how you can tell a good player from a beginner

Nerves and Fine Motor Skills - 6:56

Feliks Zemdegs tweeted - haha yep nerves and fine motor skills (cubing) aren't the best combination!

Backhand Topspin Techniques - 9:30

Matthias: I noticed that here in China the coaches seem to teach a different technique for the backhand topspin off backspin. Generally speaking, the stroke is smaller than shown in your video and the use of wrist and lower arm rotation is maximized.

Handle Grips - 11:41

Kaustubh: One of the players in my club has tied rubber grip (one used for badminton rackets) to handle of his racket. When I asked him the reason he told me that he did it because his hand sweats a lot. So, is use of this grip legal?

Blowing a Big Lead - 14:25

Chris: Today i blew a 7 point lead and lost the game. 13-20 then 22-20. I realized after it that had lost my focus and couldn't settle down. What are some advice on ways to be more mentally prepared for those situations?

Changing Racket for Practice - 18:44

Marv: I practice a lot with a robot, and do not want to wear out my fairly expensive playing paddle. I am looking for a durable lightweight paddle but do not want something that is totally different than my 'real' paddle.

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