Ask The Coach Show #133 - How to do a Deceptive Topspin Serve

8 years ago

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Pro Tour Events - 4:09

Philippines Open & Australian Open

Last #PQOTD - 6:26

What is the single most important muscle for Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 8:22

Who has the better backhand? Ma Long or Wang Hao?

Best Footwork - 10:04

Connor: Hi guys, Who do you believe has the best footwork in the world at the moment?

Back Problems - 11:44

Noel: Hello Coaches, I know I'm playing too much. I had acute back pain a few days ago, and I think it's because of picking up those ping pong balls. Do you have any exercises or tips to remedy the situation?

Pendulum Serve Popularity - 13:07

Johan: Do you think the pendulum serve became so popular because it was easy to hide the contact point compared to for example the backhand serve?

Forehand Close to the Table - 14:55

Brock: I have trouble with my forehand topspin because I have always a feeling I will hit the table with my bat, do you know some tips?

Returning Fast Serves - 17:26

Abbas: I have a problem with kid who always serves fast and short balls to the corners of the table if i go to the right corner he serves to the left corner if i go to the left well... you know what happens.

Relaxing - 19:22

Rexam: When drilling in table tennis I tend to become so stiff , how do I relax? Also I can’t hit the ball on the rise how do I hit he ball with the best timing.

Spin and Variation - 21:40

Pao Pao : How to make the ball spin very fast and powerful? What should I do when my opponent returns my fastest shots?

Forehand Changing Direction - 24:02

Pragya: Does the action for forehand topspin remain the same while hitting the ball parallel to the table as in straight?

Seamless Table Tennis Balls - 25:56

Josef: Anyone have any idea how seamless balls are produced ? If balls have seam it is simple but without a seam?

Topspin Serves - 26:50

Johnny: How would you do a topspin serve? What are some types of topspin serves? Right now, I just hit the ball like I would with the forehand topspin, which is pretty obvious. Is there some other way with more deception?

Controlling Nerves - 29:09

Jeff got nervous during his cube competition. Can he improve in this area?

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