Ask The Coach Show #131 - When to Attack

7 years ago

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Yesterday's #PQOTD - 2:24

How would you describe your style of play? What style would you like to play?

#PQOTD - 4:45

What have been the best and worst rule changes in the last 20 years?

Drill of the Week - 5:15

Forehand Forehand Footwork

When To Enter a Tournament - 8:15

Noel: So after playing for almost 2 months, I think I can play in a tournament. Is this something I should pursue, or should I practice and train for say 6 months before really thinking about doing this?

Hitting the Edge - 9:32

Noel: Hello Alois & Jeff, If I'm hitting the ball on the edge while trying to loop or totally missing the ball when I try to loop, is this because of lack of concentration or lack of practice?

Keeping Cool - 11:49

Nischay: Since, its very hot summer in India tomorrow i have my district level tournament. So is it bad to intake high quantity of water during game play?

Holding Too Tight - 13:16

Donato: In one of your first videos I saw you saying not to over tighten the racket. But, is this a rule that applies all the time, or there are some shots where we need to forge strongly the racket?

When to Attack - 15:03

Frendy: I want to ask when is the perfect time to attack in a match? I think that I was too greedy and want to always attack all the time and it makes me lose a lot of points. I know this is fatal, but I also can't control myself to be very greedy.

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