Ask The Coach Show #13 – Tips On Using Video Analysis

8 years ago

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Question 1 - 0:45

I was just on a training camp and learned to play early, mid and late forehand topspins against under and topspins. I did quite well there but I guess I still need more training for perfection. I forgot to ask when to play which kind of topspin. Michael W

Question 2 - 2:28

I saw a point in the match between Timo Boll v Chun Ting Wong, where Chun Ting was serving and after two or three exchanges Timo pointed out it was a let. Do the rules allow players to do this so late in the point if the umpire has not seen it? Abhinav U

Question 3 - 4:25

I am able to do some video analysis of myself playing and was wondering what are the criteria I should be looking for when trying to find weaknesses, also are there tests we can do on strokes to see how consistent we are at them? C Cc

Question 4 - 7:38

Hi Alois and Jeff! I have been playing TT for the last 2 years and know the basics(topspin, block, backspin push, etc), but I struggle against opponents with similar skill but more expensive bats with better grip. Should I change my Tibhar Chila Balsa DHT?

Question 5 - 9:28

The rules say that serves must be from behind the baseline, and the baseline should be considered as extending out beyond the edges of the table. On another website video it is said that you must serve from within the edge line. Can you clarify? David M

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 11:18

Should you apologize for nets and edges?

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