Ask The Coach Show #129 - Fan Zhendong’s Reverse Serve

9 years ago

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Croatian Open - 1:00

We discuss the results and some fun facts from the tournament

Scary Things - 5:13

Matthias’ Cat

Last #PQOTD - 6:47

Will you get a chance to play Table Tennis this weekend?

#PQOTD - 9:40

Do you practice with a robot?

New Rival - 10:40

Brock: I have a new Rival Another tall guy but even bigger, He is about 6'8 and 350 Pounds and he says that he can Bench Press 600 pounds, Squat 900 pounds and DL 800 pounds. The trouble is that he's a great blocker, attacker and crazy agile which's annoying. Help!

I Look Good for 52 - 12:10

Brock: How old are you? I guess 35 and 52.

Best Reflexes - 13:18

Brock: Who has the better reflexes? Table Tennis vs Boxers?

Improving Balance - 16:50

Brock: Does Deadlift and Squat increase your balance?

Favourite Sport - 17:07

Brock: What is favourite sport in your free time when not doing TT ?

Hot Tables - 18:02

Noel: I wanted to know if having a table tennis in my garage alright?. Now living in Texas, it's get to be 100deg to 120deg fahrenhiet in there. Is there a table that can take that stress? Or should I just put it inside the house, although a little tight?

Joining a Club - 20:28

Noel: Hello Alois & Jeff, I played twice this weekend. On Saturday I played a couple of hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Sunday I went to this club for the 1st. time, they were closing but they let me play for a hour, real nice guys.

Eye Height Over the Net - 21:42

Ganesh: Contacting the ball when it is @ it's highest position is difficult for me. But looping does not generate enough speed. I see some players bend to the level of the net to play such balls. What should be the line of eyesight while top spinning?

Increase Concentration - 23:09

Morgen: How do you increase concentration and minimise mistakes?

Fan Zhendong’s Serve - 26:47

Tam: Hi pingskills when Fan Zhendong serves his reverse serve is it reverse side topspin or reverse side underspin?

Get Rid of Jeff's Number Facts - 31:00

Alois tries to convince you to leave a comment to stop Jeff mentioning ridiculous facts about the current show number.

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