Ask The Coach Show #126 - Topspin Variations

8 years ago

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Technique Tuesday - 1:13

Forehand Topspin Variations

Last #PQOTD - 8:31

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

#PQOTD - 14:42

Can Mima Ito reach No. 1?

Discussion - 15:47

Effects of exercise later in life.

Eating Popcorn - 19:21

Gargavis: Good morning my dear friends guess what we are today between 9 people here at home watching and eating popcorn ta very good program

Hugs - 19:47

Gargavis: You could send a hug to vasquez Alejandro, Mario olive my sister who is in love with the dark camila vasquez leticia olive eduardo silva , Patricia saints Paulo mataja , john smith and bianca sanches silva and send a big hug to all Brazilians love you guys

Playing Tall Pimple Player - 20:50

Todd: I play a guy that is about 6’ 6" with excellent reach both forwards and side to side. He plays with a basic bat with pimples and his game is simply to return everything without spin and work you side to side on the table. Are there any strategies?

Attacking Low Balls - 23:18

Pasquale: I’m having a problem attacking low balls, the problem is that when i want to play a shot fast, the ball comes long and i am able to attack it, but sometimes it goes lower than the net, I’m using the topspin technique but i can’t do it fast.

Carbon Pushes - 25:38

Thijs: Playing with carbon blade seems I need another technique for short pushes because the ball goes into the net. If I just lift the ball, I can keep it short but any forward movement makes the backspin crawl into the rubber and dive into the net.

Setting Up Third Ball Attacks - 27:53

Daniel: Is it possible to set up a 3rd ball attack using different sidespin serves? Do specific sidespin serves lead to predictable returns to either my backhand or forehand side?

Forehand Topspin - 30:33

How do you topspin? Do you spin over the ball or side of it?

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