Ask The Coach Show #125 - Improving Retrieving

7 years ago

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Ask the Coach Show Podcast - 2:50

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World Championships - 3:48

We discuss some of the interesting statistics from the 2015 World Championships

Monday Wrap - 7:40

We discuss the results from the Belarus Open

Last #PQOTD - 11:30

What is the best match you have ever played?

#PQOTD - 14:18

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

Forehand Followup - 14:52

Noel: Hello Jeff & Alois, My question is after using a forehand loop, my opponent returns with a weak high block, and I usually hit it out. How can I improve this? Thank you for all the tips and discussions, it really helped me alot. :)

Improving Retrieving - 20:16

DK: I have noticed that Matsushita often goes for seemingly surely lost balls. Do you have any idea how can he do it? I know that it is the matter of his immense physical condition. Is it something that can be learned?

Backhand from Forehand - 23:16

Random Person: My backhand is stronger than my forehand. When blocking I have a bad habit of sometimes making a backhand block on the forehand side. Do you have any suggestions on fixing this?

Training With Robot - 25:52

Steve: Just wanted to tell you that I received my IPONG Master V300 the other day. It has been a great practice partner when I don't have someone else. The robot has good topspin and backspin so I can practice my drills all day long. I would recommend it.

Bilateral Transfer - 27:40

Toni: Previous studies have shown that practising complex sport skills on both sides of the body benefits performance not only with the non-dominant limb, but also with the dominant limb. What do you think about bilateral transfer in table tennis skills?

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