Ask The Coach Show #124 - There are no limits, only plateaus

7 years ago

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New Coaching Rule - 1:41

Alois explains more about the new coaching rule coming into effect after the 2016 Olympics

Last #PQOTD - 5:57

Who is your favourite training partner?

#PQOTD - 7:49

What is the best match you have ever played?

Drill of the Week - 8:31

The Falkenberg Drill

Backhand Start Position - 12:52

Dieter: I watched the semifinal between Ma Long and Fan Zendongh. During the warmup I noticed that in Fan's starting position for the backhand counterhit, his hand is below the elbow. My coach says elbow should be below hand. Ma is doing that. Who's right?

Hit the Ceiling - 15:46

Michel: I’ve practising table tennis for about 5 years now, and start to notice that my game has not improved too much lately. The question I have is: Does everyone have a limitation? Even with lots of training some people seem to hit a ceiling.

Long Pimples for Defender - 23:26

Allen: I am a decent attacking player but I feel I am even better at hard bat as a defender. My skills as a Tennis player help me in the chop department. I think I should try and defend on my b/h and still attack on my f/h but I need advice on rubber.

Playing Against the Grain - 24:50

Dakota: I was watching Samsonov and I noticed that if he had the chance for an open court shot, he would often hit it back towards where the player was, instead of going to the open court. Do most players implement this strategy or is the open court better?

Mid Distance - 27:58

Romeo: Do you recommend topspining mid-distance? If not, is there a reason why?

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