Ask The Coach Show #123 - Changing Technique

7 years ago

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Technique Tuesday - 0:51

Correcting Errors - Make a new groove.

Significance of #123 and #122 - 3:00

Dieter: 122 is one of those numbers whose sum of digits is equal to the sum of digits of its binary expansion and so is 123.

#PQOTD - 4:19

Who is your favourite training partner?

Last #PQOTD - 4:46

Should we continue to call the show the Ask the Coach Show or should we use another name?

Returning Short No Spin Serves - 5:44

Ilia: How to deal with a short no-spin serve into the middle? I find it really awkward to flick with both backhand and forehand, especially if it is slightly more at forehand side. I usually push it and it gets attacked.

The Big Dip - 7:56

Dakota: The ball doesn't begin to dip until it is almost half way across the opponents side of the table. I play at the table. Because of such a late dip, I have adjusted my swing to be more horizontal. Is there benefits of earlier or later dip?

Footwork for the Flick - 11:33

Romeo: I have noticed that top-flight players hop when they flick. Instead of using one leg, their other leg goes in the able and the other one goes out. Is there any reason why they do this? Or is it just to wow the crowd :) ?

The Forehand Counterhit in Games - 14:00

Johnny: After watching some games on youtube, I don't see the counter-hit getting used much in matches at the professional level. At a lower level, should I ever need to use the counter-hit in my matches?

Ball in Mouth Disease - 15:35

Thomas: I watched the European Champions League live here in Duesseldorf. When Dimitrij Ovtcharov was playing and they got a new ball, he actually put the ball in his mouth and then wiped it dry with his towel. I had never seen this before and wonder why?

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