Ask The Coach Show #122 - What Strokes to Learn First

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:53

Should we continue to have the  #PQOTD ?

#PQOTD - 3:08

Should we continue to call the show the Ask the Coach Show or should we use another name?

Shadow Training - 3:42

Arthur: Good day, Great show as always ;), I would like to know if shadow training will improve my strokes, if it will, how much time will I spend, Thank you again, Arthur from Riyadh Saudi Arabia

What Strokes to Learn First - 8:46

Mike: I am new to table tennis and there is lots to think about. What is the first thing I should work on, and keep in my conscious mind to make habit? 

Joining a Club or Entering a Tournament - 10:52

Pavle: I am really interested in joining a club and entering a tournament but it is difficult to find a club to join and the same for finding a tournament to enter. So which should I do first? Find a club to join or find a tournament to enter?

Hugs and Kisses - 13:42


Service Follow Through - 16:06

Andrew: I notice a lot of top players at the end of the contact the bat is not moving or it is even moving backwards. For my heavy backspin serve I have to really follow thru with the bat and sometimes it will even hit my stomach. 

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