Ask The Coach Show #119 - Timo Boll’s Early Ball

9 years ago

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Point of the Century - 1:18

Ma Long vs Fang Bo

Yesterday's #PQOTD - 3:12

Who is your favourite player on the World circuit at the moment?

#PQOTD - 4:21

What do you think about the new rule that from after the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, you will be able to coach between points?

PingSkillers Report from Lukas - 4:55

The big tournament last weekend, which lasted for two days, went pretty good. I placed 3rd, 5th and 9th in three different classes. On the tournament I just played a couple hours ago, I placed *drumroll* 1st!

PingSkillers Report Pasquale - 5:29

I wanted to tell you that i won 3rd place in Liberia, i won 4 matches and lost one to a very good table tennis player, also they found me so good that they are going to get me a private coach to training me professional.

Technique Tuesday - 6:48

Forehand Smash

Chinese Practice - 11:14

Brock: How many hours a day do you think Chinese practise?

Forehand Topspin vs Forehand Loop - 11:48

Brock: What is the difference between a loop and a Forehand Topspin? Or is it the same?

Taking the Ball Early - 12:59

Abhinav: In the match between Timo Boll and Fan Zhendong at the worlds the commentators said that Timo takes the ball early which is the reason for his higher success rate against the Chinese. What does it mean to take the ball early and are there risks?

Hitting the Bat Edge - 14:59

Utkarsh: When I execute any topspin stroke , most of the time the reason of failure is that the ball hits the edge of the racket. It happens very frequently and leads to irritation . Please help me with this. Is it necessary to contact the ball in middle?

One Step Footwork - 17:58

Romeo: Is there a specific way of doing the one step technique instead of skipping around? Like where the weight of your body should be while "one-stepping”?

Yelling - 19:57

Pedro: Why some ping pong players say jo?

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