Ask The Coach Show #118 - World Championships Wrap

7 years ago

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Discussion: World Championships Wrap - 1:15

Last #PQOTD - 6:50

What have you learned from the World Championships?

#PQOTD - 8:47

Who is your favourite player on the World circuit at the moment?

Finding Weaknesses - 9:20

Chris: Do you have any match advice regarding looking for an opponents weakness. Are there anything tests or you guys do to spot weaknesses before playing a match? E.g. Forehand drills, Chopping, etc? There a quick way to see where one has a weak side?

Doubles Let - 12:47

Kaustubh: If during a doubles match, serve falls in the wrong court, but it touches the net before, does the opponent pair get the point?

Around the Net Shot - 13:25

Thad: What sort of spin should use when trying to play around the net. I have tried this twice in the last few weeks, top spin on my backhand and side spin on my forehand. On both occasion losing the point.

Balls of Feet - 15:20

Ilia: If I stay on the balls of my feet with heels barely touching the floor it is much easier to make small adjustments of my position. So should I try to keep myself in such position all the time? What is a good off table exercise to help this?

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