Ask The Coach Show #116 - Power Shots

8 years ago

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World Championships - 0:53

6 Chinese, 5 Choppers, 3 Indians left in the main draw. Ma Long and Timo Boll lose to Xu Xin and Zhang Jike

Yesterday's #PQOTD - 4:54

What was your favourite match of the day at the World Championships?

#PQOTD - 6:31

What is your favourite drill?

Drill of the Week - 6:49

PingSkills Drill

Serving with Variation - 9:17

Brock: Do you have any tips on different serves that I can do in variations?

Coaching Difficult Student - 10:43

Nigel: I help out at a coaching session for youngsters, a new girl started and all she seems interested in is hitting the ball flat and hard. I try and suggest the salute action and play the ball with a little less force she is not happy. Any suggestions?

Arm Height - 13:33

Guy: What is the most effective height of the arm for being ready for the ball so i can hit the ball as low as possible. Should my arm be at the same height of the table?, below the table?, above the table?

What Makes a Shot Powerful? - 15:03

Romeo: What makes a shot a finisher? I've arrived to the conclusion that these 3 things make a shot powerful: 1. Speed 2 Spin 3 Placement. I think there is more to it than these 3 things. Are there any other factors that makes a shot powerful?

Staying Composed When Losing Cheap Points - 17:38

Ilia: I don't get frustrated when an opponent outsmarts or outpowers me. But lost cheap points drive me mad, especially when the ball was high, I was in position and I missed the table. It makes me feel like all my training is wasted. How to cope with that?

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