Ask The Coach Show #115 - Utilising Strokes in Matches

7 years ago

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ITTF 2015 World Championships - 0:51

Qualification has finished and the main draw is finalised.

Technique Tuesday - 2:40

The Forehand Flick

Yesterday's #PQOTD - 4:42

Who has the best draw in the Men’s singles at the World Championships?

#PQOTD - 6:36

What was your favourite match of the day at the World Championships?

Re-rubbering Pre-made Bat - 7:19

Abdullah: I am currently using a pre-made bat, would it be suitable to remove the rubber and and reuse the blade? and pls recommend some rubbers for me that provide good spin and speed, I am an amateur learning chops and forehand loop.

Strokes in Matches - 9:56

Pavle: I watch the stroke videos and focus on the techniques that I see. But when I actually start playing I see that I am doing the strokes nothing like I should be doing them. Can you please give me some tips for doing better on my strokes?

Attacking Topspin Serves - 11:59

Christian: I play with a friend of mine, who is very good at consistency with returning the ball. However, I was wondering if I can attack his serve. His serve is a plain topspin serve, that you guys said we shouldn't be using. Any advice on attacking it?

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Don't Use a Plain Topspin Serve

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