Ask The Coach Show #114 - Off Season Training

9 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:29

What has been your favourite World Championship so far?

#PQOTD - 3:03

Who has the best draw in the Men’s singles at the World Championships?

ITTF 2015 World Championships - 3:22

The seeded players have been put into the main draw and qualifications have commenced.

Playing an Attacking Looper - 9:45

Brock: I think I have a new rival, he's an experienced player with scary power in his FH and BH and he does a really spinny serve and when I block it he does a loop into my BH fast and if I possibly block it he does a smash or Topspin, HELP!!!

Hard Work and Dedication - 11:42

Daniel: Hey, glad UR back.Good news! I've committed to the game in Jan. B/c I lost to the same friend EVERY TIME for 2 years.He beats everyone. Hard work-Dedication.I finally beat him 4 straight games.As I left he stood on his porch in awe. Lost.Thanks 4 all help!

Homemade Blades - 12:35

Yunge: Is it legal to use homemade blades in tournaments?

Cleaning the Table - 14:33

Ahsan: What is the proper way of cleaning the table if it get dust on it?

Wang Hao Lifting Backspin - 15:58

Chris: When I watch matches of Wang Hao vs. Joo Se Hyuk it seems like he ignores the backspin because he can get a very fast loop and it looks like his blade is at a closed angle. Does he do this by using a lot of power and can amateurs use this method?

Off Season Training - 19:52

Dieter: What do you advise in terms of training between seasons? A special program, more of the same, a few weeks rest? And how about my particular case?

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Playing An Attacking Looper

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