Ask The Coach Show #113 - How the Aussies can beat China

9 years ago

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ITTF 2015 World Championships - 0:36

How can the Aussies beat China at the World Championships?

How does the doubles seeding work?

Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 4:58

What is your playing style?

#PQOTD - 5:56

What has been your favourite World Championship so far?

Recognising Dead Ball and Backspin Ball - 6:20

Ernest: How can I tell the difference between a deadball and a backspin ball when the ball is flying high in the air ? It looks the same to me. Sometimes i judge the ball wrongly so i missed the opportunity to score.

Preparing for Training Camp - 8:23

Ilia: I’m planning to attend a training camp. It lasts for five days and is very intense: 2-3 hours of practice before lunch, and the same amount after. I have about two months ahead of me, so what can I do best to prepare myself for it?

Faking Topspin Serve - 10:48

Chris: What are some ways of faking a topspin serve if you are a shakehand player? I've seen players often fake a topspin serve from a pendulum type serve. Are there other ways?

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