Ask The Coach Show #112 - Can You Say Sore Shoulder Ten Times Fast?

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:52

What is your best win?

#PQOTD - 3:19

How would you describe your playing style?

World Championships - 3:40

What do you think of the seeding?

Placement vs Power - 6:59

Ilia: I recently changed my tactics from playing with power to playing with placement. But once in an open really, making a placement decision takes time, so I can't make a full swing for a topspin. How can I start playing topspins with placements instead of hits.

Glue - 10:06

David: Any substitute for table tennis glue?

Forehand Topspin Angle - 11:59

Mohamed: In the forehand topspin against block do we purely brush the back of the ball keeping the start and finish positions and the angle close or the contact is something between hitting and brushing at the same time?

Sore Shoulder - 14:15

Steve: I bought my ball collection net and I have been practicing my serves as much as possible. The first day I received it I must have served 1000 balls, but today I noticed that my left shoulder is sore. Yes I'm a lefty, but am I doing something wrong?

Sore Shoulder Ten Times - 17:11

Can you say shore shoulder ten times fast?

Tournament Coming Up - 17:30

Lukas: So the tournament is in two weeks from today, but I just found out that I'm able to compete in another tournament the week after! Should I sign up for that tournament too, or should I just play in the first one? Also, do you have any tips?

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