Ask The Coach Show #111 - Where Have We Been?

9 years ago

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Huge Update from Brock - 0:57

I played with the Tall Guy today......It was a gigantic battle between us and I have never in my life been sweating that much before...but in the end...... I WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where have we been? - 1:39

Bendigo commentary & coaching and Alice Springs.

2015 World Championships - 8:21

We discuss the seeds for the upcoming World Championships

Last #PQOTD - 13:40

Are choppers making a comeback?

#PQOTD - 15:25

What is your best win?

Playing Fast Opponent - 15:47

Osman: Hi, I’ve an opponent who is very fast. I mean his technique is not very good but his responses are very fast. So I cant find enough time to answer it. He plays simple but very fast. What can i do for him. What kind of techniques should i use?

Returning Banana Flick - 17:49

Jeremy: Hi Alois I had extreme difficulties in returning a spinny backhand sidespin flick after my serve.I will need your advice in how returning properly the backhand sidespin flick with my backhand.

After a Topspin Against Backspin - 20:54

Romeo: After I topspin a backspin ball, should I jump back once, where I can topspin a block, or twice, where I can counter-topspin? If I jump back twice, and the opponent blocks the ball, how do I topspin it to them?

Smashing Against Backspin - 24:07

Brock: What happens if I tries to do a normal smash on a heavy backspin or topspin?

Looping Balls Below the Table - 25:15

Brock: Hey Pingskills do you know how to loop when the ball is low below the table with both sidespin and backspin on it? should I do the same position anyway?

Playing an Aggressive Attacker - 26:15

Brock: Do you know some tips against an agressive, powerful attacker with scary forehands and backhands? I try the forehand push but he always do a forehand flick and if it's long he does a forehand topspin, what should I do against this sort of game?

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