Ask The Coach Show #110 - Are Choppers Making a Comeback?

8 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 0:50

What did you do or are you doing for World Table Tennis Day?

#PQOTD - 2:49

Are choppers making a comeback?

Slow Topspin Finish - 3:09

Ilia: I’ve noticed that when I play a fast topspin against a push, I finish near my head. When I play a slow spinny topspin I finish halfway, at my shoulder level. With this shortened stroke I can hit balls consistently. Should I try to fix this?

Chopping Low with Long Pimples - 4:39

Nikola: I’m having some trouble chopping the ball low over the net with my long pimples. Sometimes it goes low but occaisonaly it goes a bit higher and my opponent is able to smash the ball. Do you have any tips on how to get the ball lower over the net?

Ball Past End Line - 6:30

Aaron: Say your opponent hits a high backspin lob. The ball crosses your end line when it is high in the air, but then starts drifting back and looks like it will bounce on your side of the table. Can you stop the rally to point out that this has occurred?

Red or Black - 9:15

Jack: Whats the best side to do while serving, the black side or the red side?

Starting Serious Training - 10:38

Brock: I have start practise really serious and way more intense training with a special coach, I practise 6 days a week in 3-4 hours and I think with this training I am sure I can beat the Tall Guy next week ;) I started this last week, I want to beat him ! !

Returning a Fast Backspin Serve - 12:36

Ilya: I struggle with a fast backspin serve to my backhand. When I'm trying to topspin it with my backhand, I almost have no time to make a full swing and rotate my body. Should I keep trying the full motion, or shorten it, like a topspin flick?

Penhold Chopping - 14:08

Daniel: As a penholder I've been playing unconventionally-chopping &more side spins.Some say I am giving up my superior power/fast advantage.While it does work am I really breaking the mold by doing this?(& Jeff whats taking over your face-Alois, school him please.

Tactics Against a Left Hander with a Good Forehand - 15:43

Quentin: Hey guys are their any good tactics that i can use against a left hander with a very fast powerful forehand and decent backhand.

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