Ask The Coach Show #11 – Changing Your Grip for the Service

9 years ago

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Question 1 - 1:02

Hi Alois ! I have my first tournament of the season in a week and I want to practice my serves. One problem : I don't have any plastic balls. Is it bad to practice my serves with celluloid balls ? Yoan Pelletier

Question 2 - 2:11

Do you and other professionals who play with shakehand, use a specific or specialized grip to serve and then quickly shift to the shakehand for the majority of the point? Do you stay with the special grip after the serve? Cole Mooney

Question 3 - 3:19

I recently received advice to engage my thumb and apply pressure onto the rubber when backhand counterhitting. The advice improved my backhand but I don't know if should change especially if the rallies are transitioning BH to FH in a fast manner. Danny Ly

Question 4 - 6:09

Due to studies I didn't play table tennis for 1.5 months. I played today in an interschool tournament and I lost to a player whom I used to defeat every time. What is the reason of my defeat and how can I prepare for my state tournament. Shivam Goenka

Question 5 - 8:12

As a penhold player, should I hit with the other side of my bat? I tend to find that I cant have as much control as if I simply move more and use the same side of my bat. Colin Young

PingSkillers Question - 10:45

What will be the effect of the new plastic balls?

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