Ask The Coach Show #109 - World Table Tennis Day

7 years ago

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Previous #PQOTD  - 2:20

Who would win an arm wrestle between Jeff and Alois?

#PQOTD - 2:48

What did you do or are you doing for World Table Tennis Day?

Technique Tuesday - 3:46

Topspin to topspin

Handle Shapes - 7:12

Muhammad: I have heard of grips I have heared flared amnatonic or straight what is the best one?

Foot Stamping - 8:47

Ashish: I had this in mind for a long time that why do most of the top players bang their foot while having contact with the ball on serve?

Forehand against Defenders - 11:22

Devin: I have been working on my forehand topspin and other strokes, but my opponent seems to just keep getting it back on the table. Do you have any tips for me on getting the point against really good defensive players?

Good Days Will Come - 13:44

Daniel: Hey Guy, even though I get beaten since you recommended joining a club. I've used your tips to beat a decent player.First one since Jan. I just wanted to thank Alois for the Better Days Will Come encouragement.Keep up the good work so I can win more!

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