Ask The Coach Show #108 - Short Topspin Serve

8 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 1:20

What is the peak age for Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 4:29

Who would win an arm wrestle between Jeff and Alois?

Throwback Thursday - 4:55

The most important skill in table tennis

Your Height - 7:56

Brock: How tall are you? I guess you're like 5'10 or something like that?

Serves for 3rd Ball Attack - 8:50

Kyriakos: I was trying to execute the 3rd ball attack tactic but couldn't get the response i wanted from my opponent to attack the ball so could you point out some good serve variations that i can use to execute this tactic.Thanks in advance.

Attacking Push - 11:43

Mat: I know that you alway insist push is a defensive stroke, but I find putting more spin and doing in a finer and quicker contact and aiming for the corner could win some easy points. Pls tell me how to do it, and how to defend it.

Short Topspin Serve - 15:07

Christian: Can you please tell me how can i pull off a short topspin serve, that i see most pro players do? it looks really confusing.

Multiball - 19:34

Frendy: There's a coach said that multi ball is only useful for beginners and useless for pros. He said that it's better to practice with only one ball. What do you think about it? If it's useful, how much frequency should I practice with multi ball?

Normal to Antispin - 21:11

Valentin: Hey there, I recently did some drills with a partner but she had forgotten her racket and had to use an old one.I struggled a bit as the ball was going in the net.So can a really old inverted rubber that is worn out work as an antispin rubber? Weird.

Favourite Brand for Table Tennis Balls - 25:08

Valentin: What is your favourite brand of table tennis balls? *will be waiting for the review of the new rubbers, Alois* :D

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