Ask The Coach Show #107 - Ma Long’s Forehand

9 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 1:02

Do you like playing against long pimples?

#PQOTD - 2:24

What is the peak age for Table Tennis? Mima Ito and He Zhiwen

Strong Players - 3:40

Brock: Hey PingSkills I have a HUGE problem!! I met a huge player today, He's 6'9 and close to 400 pounds and he looks like a Bodybuilder and he trains Strongman training but his strokes are really powerful and fast because he has HUGE and Powerful arms, Tips?

How Long Have You Known Each Other? - 5:16

Daniel: Look at you guys together and all. Love it! I wondered- do you guys live far from each other? How long have you know each other? What are your professions outside of PingSkills?

Improving My Backhand Block - 7:01

Brock: My problem with my backhand has improved but I have a trouble to block fast smashes into my backhand area, I'm a good blocker on my forehand but I often miss when it's my backhand, Have you some tricks and tips I can try?

Arm Wrestle - 8:58

Brock: Who would win in an Arm Wrestling between you two? Do you think you can show us tomorrow on the show?

Antispin, & Fast or Slow Tables - 9:53

Valentin: Hi there, great to see you together. Can you explain the effects of the anti spin rubbers. Also, is a slow or fast table actually a thing? What are some characteristics to look for when buying a table? Thanks! Also , get well, Jeff!

Ma Long Forehand - 13:06

Tam: Hi PingSkills, What are the key components to have a forehand like Ma Long?

Hitting the Wood - 15:28

Vincent: Sometimes when I hit the ball I can hear it  hit the wood. Does this mean that I have to get thicker or harder rubber?

Training v Matches - 16:50

Wilson: I’ve been practicing the same the routine, mainly footwork and 3rd ball attacks. During the practice, I can execute the moves perfectly, but I could not perform the same way during tournaments. Do you have any suggestions I can try out?

Pushing with Plastic - 20:06

Girish: I’m not comfortable with plastic ball. My topspin is very good. Push is difficult with plastic ball?

Solo Mulitball - 21:11

Valentin: Hi again, Somebody showed me a way to practice alone.It's basically multiball but without having the ball fed to me by another person/robot.What I do is just drop the ball on the table with one hand and then execute the stroke.Do you think that's ok?

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