Ask The Coach Show #106 - Forehand Finish Position

8 years ago

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Previous #PQOTD - 1:33

Do you like playing in cold or hot weather better?

#PQOTD - 4:01

Do you like playing against long pimples?

ITTF Tournament Wrap Up - 4:20

We talk about results from the 2015 Spanish Open.

Technique Tuesday - 9:16

Forehand Finish Position - Make sure you get it right!

Too Much Spin - 11:24

Brock: I played with an experienced player and the problem is that he does really really spinny spins, no matter how fast action I do on the contact point it just goes into the net. Help Me!

Backhand Flick Contact - 13:05

Ilia: Learning the topspin backhand flick and I'm finding it to be a difficult shot. I noticed that it is easier to lift backspin and nospin balls if I contact the ball with the very tip of my racket. Should I keep trying to hit the ball with the tip?

Flick with CPen - 14:57

Yunge: How do you forehand and backhand flick using CPen.

Topspin v Backspin - 17:00

Khalid: I have a problem with topspin vs backspin. Out of 10 backspin balls in a gameI can only return 5 or 3 with topspin. Some say my rubber is too hard. I have tried vega pro, tenergy 05, tenergy 80. All of them don't make me satisfied.

Sponsorship - 19:20

Valentin: I was wondering , is it possible and if it is , how can one get sponsored by a table tennis company?

Use of the Wrist - 20:45

Maeen: Not in spin, in a flat rally, is it better to move your wrist through hitting ball especially on back hand or not?

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