Ask The Coach Show #104 - Throwback Thursday

9 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 1:53

How do you prepare for an important match?

#PQOTD - 4:02

What other sports do you enjoy playing?

Throwback Thursday - 4:28

Recognise Your Feelings - Jeff talks about his recent cube competition -

Tactics and Long Term Development - 12:01

Dieter: At our level, opponents will play opposite to the tactics we learned during training. Should we do what the match requires, even if it's a bad habit for higher level tactics?

Consistency of Stroke - 15:04

Dieter: When doing "Swedish training", is it important to focus on the consistency of getting the ball on the table or on the consistency of doing the stroke correctly?

Thicker rubber on Backhand - 17:56

Andrej: I know it's very common to use a thicker rubber on the forhehand than on the bachhand side, the opposite seems to be rather unusual. I never chop with the bh only push and spin.The combo seems right for me because the heavy fh chop is natural.

Loosening Your Grip - 19:04

Chris: What are you thoughts about loosening the grip. From what i've seen from the videos Pingskills has posted, it's advised to loosen the grip to allow for cushioning. Would you guys agree with the sentiment to utilize more of a pinch hold on the bat?

Losing to Weaker Players - 21:50

Johnny: I get very angry/frustrated when I'm losing to a player who I think of lowly. This cause me to play very badly and lose a lot of points. I am a beginner, but have done about 6 months of coaching. I felt like my work and money was being wasted.

I Cannot Beat This Guy - 24:56

David: There's a guy who i can't beat he teases my weak spots but as much as i practice those shots i can't beat him

Most Effective Shot - 26:56

Viktor: How effective is Forehand topspin? Is it the most effective stroke?

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