Ask The Coach Show #102 - Is the rest of the world catching up to China?

9 years ago

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Yesterday’s #PQOTD - 1:09

Is the rest of the World catching up to China?

#PQOTD - 2:59

What age did you start playing Table Tennis?

Technique Tuesday - 3:18

Today Alois discusses the Flick

How Aggressive Should I Play? - 6:38

Daniel: I am a penholder and play at a club, I've been told that I need to return the ball more- to extend the rally. My issue is that I serve and wait for my third ball- then I usually forehand topspin the shot with a ton of power. Is this wrong?

Hand Wiping - 8:41

Marv: I have noticed that a lot of players will place their flat hand on the table, next to the net, between points. Why do they do this? Is it some kind of rule, or just a superstition?

Positioning in Doubles When Serving - 10:21

Thomas: I played some doubles in my club and one player got REALLY angry at me because I was standing in the middle of the table while I was serving. He said that my playing partner can not see well enough, so while serving I should I stand at the side?

Mixed Results - 12:40

Alan: I am happy and sad right now.I finally beat that guy i could not beat for 2 months and that is why i am happy.But after that i lost from a guy who is weaker than me. I it is probably because i underestimated him. Did this ever happen to you ?

Kudos - 15:31

Viktor: You are the best coaches in the world, Your tips are great and you inspiring all Pingskillers and if Hall of Fame existed then you should be there ;) Thanks for all the tips and more you have gave us :D

Playing Against Heavy Backspin - 15:57

Rob: I have a major problem when playing against pushers who push with heavy backspin. It doesn’t matter what I do, I only get back heavy backspin balls. He only served long with backspin to my backhand.

Mima Ito - 18:06

Nigel: Alois, Jeff what areas of her table tennis game can Ito Mima work on in the coming years, she appeared to have virtually no weakness in her game when I was watching. Also what strategy would you employee to beat that style of player?

The Best Right Now - 21:37

Viktor: Who is the best player right now?

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