Ask the Coach #17 – How To Play a Slow Spinny Topspin

8 years ago

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Discussion - 0:16

Zhang Jike's fine at the World Cup

Question 1 - 4:00

Is it good for someone to practice Penhold and Shakehand styles? Skyppz

Question 2 - 5:08

What is the best way to hit a slow, spinny topspin forehand with the penhold grip? Tyler

Question 3 - 6:46

Whenever I return a heavy backspin serve it just goes straight to the net. How can I remove this problem? Fleming

Question 4 - 9:09

Hi PingSkills Is it better to pivot when receiving serve or is it better to just use backhand? can you please tell me the reason why? Frendy

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 11:34

Is the Chinese dominance hurting Table Tennis?

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