Ask the Coach #16 – Should Zhang Jike Keep His Prizemoney

9 years ago

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Question 1 - 2:05

I have a friend that can do a serve, almost as fast as a drive and low just about above the net hitting near the edge of the table, chances of countering it are slim, most of the time the my shot goes high. How do you do and counter this serve? Jigo

Question 2 - 3:48

I'm interested in a stroke that I'm probably inventing as I've never seen it used. You know the backhand block executed with the wrist movement when the bat curves the ball, I'm wondering if the same stroke can be executed on the forehand side. Eugene S

Question 3 - 5:23

What is the most important aspect in table tennis? Is the the service, or the return, or the footwork, or the third ball attack, or the speed, or the spin or any other? Kaustubh

Question 4 - 7:34

I've noticed that in table tennis, a lot of the professional players wipe the top corner of the table every now and then. I wouldn't have thought that they would use that bit of table very often. Do you know why this is? Kai Ball

Question 5 - 9:28

What is the best penhold rubber? Mark

PingSkillers Question of the Day - 10:49

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