Ask the Coach #10 – How To Stop Momentum Swings Against You

9 years ago

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Question 1 - 0:37

Usually players follow one style, attack or defense. If I want to change mine to All Around to add some defensive strokes, when is it efficient to start? When the attack style is completely confident or it's better to study all the strokes at the same time? Olena.

Question 2 - 2:55

I realize that in table tennis we use only one part of our hand (upper arm, lower arm, and wrist) so what is the time to use each part of it and can I combined them? Frendy.

Question 3 - 4:23

How to reply to a player who simply sends every shot back with push and chop shots? I feel like I am playing the ball against a wall. I start to think that I have to do something to end the rally and then I make the mistake and lose the point. Len Buffey.

Question 4 - 6:42

What advice can you give to changing the momentum in a match? I was recently up 2-0 in a match and lost all confidence after losing the 3rd set and continued to go downhill losing in 5.

Question 5 - 10:38

Is there difference between a lob and a fish? If yes, what is it? Kaustubh Kulkarni.

PingSkillers Question - 12:44

What is the easiest stroke to learn in Table Tennis?