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PingSkills T-Shirts

PingSkills T-Shirts

You'll look great in one of our PingSkills t-shirts. You can get the Galaxy, the Angel, or the Classic t-shirt in either cotton or dri-fit.

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The PingSkills Rook Table Tennis Bat

PingSkills Rook

The PingSkills Rook is an ideal first Table Tennis bat.

The PingSkills Touch Table Tennis Bat

PingSkills Touch

We've designed the PingSkills Touch to be used as an upgrade from your pre-made bat. By choosing a different rubber you can make the bat faster or slower to suit your game and stage of development.

Table Tennis Rubbers

Table Tennis Rubbers

We recommend a number of rubbers that we know are of good quality.

Table Tennis Tables

Table Tennis Tables

Looking for a table? We recommend some good tables for you.

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