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Happy PingSkillers

I just won my first Ping Pong tournament! I beat 1 previously undefeated opponent and another who had only 1 loss. I did it all with the help of the great PingSkills videos.

Here's a picture of me and the other competitors from the University of Memphis. I'm holding the winner's prize, the coveted golden paddle!

Michael Wheeler, Memphis, Tennessee

I have searched the world over for the best table tennis instructions available and in my opinion, nobody comes close. Your explanations, and demonstrations of table tennis techniques through use of videos is excellent. You begin slow and deliberate for the beginner and yet advance to technical details necessary for the high level competitive player. I’m confident that between your guidance and my determination to excel, I will quickly learn all I need to know to become a competitive senior player.

Bud Wilson, South Bend, IN

Hi, My name is Raul and I'm from Brazil. I felt PingSkills was the right place for me and since my skills have improved a lot, it makes me like the guys at PingSkills more. For those yet to follow PingSkills, you can be sure they do a great job. And for those who already do, you know what I mean!

Raul Rocha, Brazil