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This is a new one. Case?

John Rasmussen

John Rasmussen

Last updated on 26-Dec-2010 06:44:44 AM

Dear pingskills, (hi again)

Well, i guess since I'm new to table tennis, $125 is a crapload of money for a bat. Soooooo...I'm wondering if you can recommend me a good case to keep it in. I want to get the max life out of it so i think it might be an important factor. I will only be keeping 1 bat and a few balls in it. (maybe a few other small stuff) but just 1 bat. Well i know you get the point! Thanks in advance.

Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi John,

It is great to look after our bat.

You can get a single bat cover to keep your bat in.  This will protect it from the dust and also the heat which are the biggest factors to preserve your bat.

For a single bat cover you should pay around $10 and one with a pocket for the balls around $15.  We have found that the Stiga range are good but most manufacturers have a reasonable range of bat covers. 

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