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All-round Blade/Rubber Combo

Mohammad El Hariri

Mohammad El Hariri

Last updated on 27-Jan-2012 08:12:47 AM

Hi Alois and Jeff,

After choosing an All-round Blade (Stiga All-round Wood NCT / Stiga All-round CR with WRB) and an All-round recommended rubber (Sriver 1.5 mm sponge), I've been struggling to find and buy them.

Typically, I only found pre-assembled rackets from Stiga which are:

Stiga: Titanium, Spica, Propus, J. M. Saive, Premium, Merope and Sterope.

Do you recommend that I use one of the above combos in my current developing stage?

I might be able to get a Primorac blade; Do you recommend this blade for a developing player?

If yes, would you recommend that I use Sriver 2.1 mm (like Jeff)? Or should I use a thinner sponge? Can I consider Sriver 1.5 mm + Primorac blade an All-round combo?

Sorry for this long question, but I can really use some help.

Thanks a lot. 

Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Mohammad,

The Primorac blade with the Sriver 1.5mm would be an excellent all round combination.  This would last you a long time through your development as well.  This would last longer than the pre-made bats.

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Mohammad El Hariri

Mohammad El Hariri commented...

on the 27-Jan-2012 07:52:50 AM

Hey Coaches,

I'm not sure that I can find different thicknesses of Butterfly rubbers, although I'm positive that I can find probably any Butterfly rubber.

Just in case I didn't find Sriver 1.5 mm, and assuming that all Butterfly rubbers from the Butterfly distributor that I heard about where all available in 2.1 mm/max sponge thickness:

What Blade/Rubber Combo should I purchase that would be considered Allround(+) or Offensive(-)

Can such a combination exist with a 2.1 mm/max sponge rubber?

If not, what am I supposed to do? 

Thanks a lot. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills said...

on the 27-Jan-2012 08:12:47 AM


You could go for a slower blade like the Timo Boll All Round.

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