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Crossover Footwork

When you need to reach that really wide ball the regular shuffle step just won't get you there in time so you need to use the crossover step. This is essentially a running action to get you to the ball as fast as possible.

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Back to Strokes and Techniques 0% COMPLETE 13 LESSONS
1 Introduction 0:36
2 Footwork Basics 4:04
3 Footwork for a Short Ball 1:45
4 Which Foot Forward Close to the Table 1:43
5 Breaking Longstanding Bad Footwork Habits 2:12
6 Forehand Pivot Footwork 2:24
7 Crossover Footwork 2:41
8 Defensive Footwork 4:11
9 Positioning to the Ball 0:57
10 Lunge Step 1:20
11 Anticipation or Super Footwork 1:33
12 Straight Back and Forth Movement 2:27
13 Summary and Outcomes 0:25

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Mike SomeFamily

Mike SomeFamily Posted 2 weeks ago

Excellent topic. Very glad that it was thouroughly explained!

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 2 weeks ago

Thanks Mike.

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