#15 - Using Depth

Table Tennis 52 Week Training Plan

#15 - Using Depth

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Length of Placement

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In this session we talk about the length of your placement. Often we think that we need to always hit the ball deeper and faster however sometimes playing a shorter ball during a rally can catch your opponent off guard. If this happens to you, you need to ensure you are able to move forward and deal with the shorter ball.

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Thoughts on this video

Jesus Calle

Jesus Calle, a premium member said...

on the 30-Jul-2011 09:36:23 PM


I think the training plan is not consistent with the video

I think the text "BH Block to Short FH, Long BH, Short BH, Long FH" is not correct.

Please let me delete this comment in other case.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills said...

on the 30-Jul-2011 11:18:14 PM

Hi Jesus,

You are correct. It should be BH Block to Short BH, Long BH, Short FH, Long FH. I have updated the training plan.