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Luke Pawley

Luke Pawley

Last updated on 23-Mar-2012 09:12:14 PM

Could you please inform me how to correctly execute the tomahawk serve, both forehand and backhand if possible, in the best way in order to ace / force a mistake out of my opponent?



Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Luke,

There are some basics with the tomahawk serve.  Like all of our teaching we think about the start and finish positions.  This will get out action correct.

Start with your bat near your playing shoulder.  Finish with the bat pointing out towards your opponent or your target area.

It is important to get the wrist moving through so that the bat is moving at maximum speed.  To do the backhand serve is very similar just contact the ball with the other side of the bat.

Getting your opponent to miss the return take a lot of training.  Focus on getting your serve right and then the aces and non returnable serves will come.

If you can get yourself the Serving Secrets Revealed DVD you will find good examples and demonstrations of how to do the tomahawk serve. 

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Luke Pawley

Luke Pawley commented...

on the 19-Apr-2011 07:36:59 AM

Thanks Alois!!


The tomahawk is one of a variety of serves I have the ability to use in matches, as I strongly believe it is a good tactic to vary your serve.

 Your answer has helped me a lot,  and now I know this information I will focus on the serve a lot more to try and make my opponent miss the return like you suggested!


Thanks again,



Claus Hamacher

Claus Hamacher commented...

on the 23-Mar-2012 06:35:29 PM

This is an interesting example: you can watch Kenta Matsudaira perform the serve in slow motion:


(I hope this works...) 

Claus Hamacher

Claus Hamacher commented...

on the 23-Mar-2012 08:39:23 PM

Sorry, that was the wrong clip.


You can watch the one I was referring to here: 

Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo commented...

on the 23-Mar-2012 09:12:14 PM

Thanks for the video link Claus

Kenta serves + slow mo high quality video = AWESOME!!!

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