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Hung Diep

Hung Diep

Last updated on 08-May-2010 05:48:17 AM

Hi Alois. Whenever I play a shot, I seem to move backwards. Is this good or bad? Also, should you try to stay close to the table? Whenever I try, my topspin strokes hit the net.
Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Hung,

You should try to stay quite stable when playing your strokes.  If you are moving backwards you are often allowing your opponent to gain the initiative.

Think about keeping your right foot still when you are playing your stroke.  When the right foot moves it often goes backwards and then you stat to move your whole body away from the table.

Especially when you are close to the table, try to keep your legs low.  This will help to lift the ball over the net because your bat will start a little lower and be able to gain better lift.

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Hung Diep

Hung Diep commented...

on the 04-May-2010 07:40:46 AM
Thanks for the advice. Keep up the good work!
Jo Boermans

Jo Boermans commented...

on the 08-May-2010 05:48:17 AM

if you still have problems with that, i have a solution ;) Maybe not a good one, but for me it helped.

put the table in the room with your side near a well.

so you play between the table and the wall. When you try to step back, you will hit the wall, and you must stay close to the table.

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