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michael franco

michael franco

Last updated on 22-Dec-2010 08:31:07 AM

this is some kind of freaky question but, can you explain to me how, why and when can you able to use a topspin sidespin and loopspin and how to return those strokes during play.
Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Michael,

It is good to use the sidespin to get the ball out wide away from your opponent.  It also adds a degree of difficult to return it for your opponent.

Remember though that it does make your own stroke less reliable.

To return a sidespin you need to adjust the angle of your bat to allow for the sidespin.  So for a block, use a normal strokes but turn your bat a little sideways to counter the sidespin. 

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Thomas McCann

Thomas McCann commented...

on the 21-Dec-2010 10:25:00 AM

Is it worth putting sidespin on every loop and should you put fade when hitting down the line. Also how does it make the shot less reliable

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills said...

on the 22-Dec-2010 08:31:07 AM

It is best to be able to play with straight topspin and add the sidespin as a variation.  You won't eb able to hit the ball as fast with sidespin so use the straight topspin as your standard shot.

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