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johnny cheung

johnny cheung

Last updated on 23-Jun-2011 08:52:48 AM

Hi jeff I really need your answer I need a good serve for penhold. all the serve I try don't make spin is like everyone just bomb me when I serve and is hard for me to stop it. But is a good way to train my defence. But what I'm said I need a good serve to like MA LIN serve. Sorry my english I am a chinese just starting to learn.
Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Johnny,

You can do all the serves with the penhold grip.  Probably one of the easiest is the Pendulum serve. The penhold grip does not need to be altered when you are doing this serve.  Stand side on to the table, start with your elbow up at shoulder level and then use your forearm like a pendulum, allowing your wrist to swing through freely.  The contact is a brushing action on the side of the ball to generate the spin.

For more information you can also get the Serving Secrets Revealed DVD

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