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Steve Chatsworth

Steve Chatsworth

Last updated on 19-Feb-2012 07:44:31 PM

Hello. How would you attack a very fast ball with a lot of side spin coming in very acute onto the table? The placement is very near to the net on th BH side therefore any form of chop tends to send the ball away from the table. 

Also, I use a Timo ball spirit with Tenergy 05-FX 2.0 for my BH and FH. Any suggestions on the set-up? It's a new purchase so getting used to it.

I have seen the video about the BH top spin but that didn't help because it didn't discuss about the acuteness of the placement and thereby the positioning to take that.

Any assistance/ advice would be appreciated.

Many Thanks,


Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Steve,

By acute do you mean going out wide and close to the net. If so you need to get position first by moving across.  Once you are in that position you should try to make a backhand topspin.

Use your sidestepping footwork to move laterally and forward to the ball. Because the ball is close to the net don't try to hit it too hard, but concentrate on topspin to get the ball up and down quickly.

As far as the set up, I just left a comment on Your Combination about it so take a look there as well.  It may take time to get used to a set up like that especially since you have just stepped up from Mark V GPS. 

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Steve Chatsworth

Steve Chatsworth commented...

on the 19-Feb-2012 08:27:17 AM

Yes I did mean wide and close to the net. Thanks for your prompt reply. Appreciate it. New on here and like the site. Great work. 

Thanks again.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills said...

on the 19-Feb-2012 07:44:31 PM
Excellent.  Happy to help.

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